1. Login/ Registration

Q. About HotRemit?

A. HotRemit is a secure Digital Wallet application that is accessible as a Facebook application within Facebook , Online at and as a Blackberry application on Blackberry Mobiles. It would be available on Android/IOS in Month of November 2014. HotRemit simplifies the process to INSTANTLY send money to any of your social contacts on facebook and BBM , in addition to transferring payments to registered merchants and Charity organization.

Q. Who can sign up for HotRemit?

A. Any resident of India with a Mobile Number and applicable identity information as may be required. For a basic account, any resident of India with a verifiable Mobile number would qualify.

Q. What do I require to open a Hot Remit digital wallet?

A. Just a Verifiable Mobile number capable of receiving SMS.

Q. Where Can I sign up and Access HotRemit?

A. We have some very easy ways to welcome you to HotRemit. They are listed as below
           • Sign into your Facebook account , On search Bar enter HotRemit - Most Simple.
           • Online at
           • On Blackberry Mobile 6.0 and above search for HotRemit in Application store.

Q. Why do I need PIN?

A. Hotremit PIN provides additional security to your account to authenticate your request for all transactions. This ensures a second layer of security while ensuring ease of access as well.

Q. How can I reset my PIN?

A. Easiest would be to choose the option within the application or visit and click on option below

2. Load Money

Q. How do I load money into my account?

A. Login into your Hotremit account and select Load option:
    1. Enter Amount you wish to load
    2. Select one of the Payment methods offered like
          • Credit Card
          • Debit Card
          • IMPS etc.
         Note: - Money loaded with credit card cannot be transferred to bank account. It can only be refunded back to the credit card used to charge to load the account.
    3. Enter the details on the secure page to complete the load
    4. You will receive notification once the amount is loaded with the latest balance in account.

3. Payments

Q. What payments can be done using Hotremit Wallet?

A. You can recharge your Mobile and DTH connections, HotRemit enabled merchants and donate to registered charities and their causes.

Q. Which denominations can I recharge my prepaid mobile using Hot Remit digital wallet?

A. You can recharge for all denominations that are available for the service provider in the circle of the particular mobile number. Values of recharges are governed by terms and conditions of the respective service provider. Please contact the service providers' care helpline or website for the details.

Q. Can I recharge any prepaid connection in any other city of India?

A. Yes

Q. Can I also load my DTH and Cable connections as well?

A. Yes. A list of the same is provided inside the login.

4. Money Transfer

Q. Whom Can I transfer Money to using HotRemit?

A. To any Facebook contact of yours, BBM Contact and any mobile number.

Q. Can I send money to any bank account directly ?

A. Presently this option is not available as this option is widely available in other options. HotRemit has been designed as a Social Wallet platform which enables transfers without knowing the account details of the receiver.

Q. I have received a Facebook notification and/or SMS from my contact that they sent money to me. What do I Need to do?

A. You need to click on the link in the notification and follow instructions. If you are not an existing user, you will be prompted for a quick verification, post which credit would be applied to your account. If you are a new user, we may request the sender to verify your identity. This is a onetime process.

Q. I have sent money to a social contact or Mobile number? How soon will they receive the money?

A. Instantly! The same time you receive a receipt, they will also receive a notification.

Q. How can I send money to my bank account from my account?

A. It is as simple as entering your Name as it is in on our bank account, Name of the Bank, IFSC Code and your bank account number. All of this information will be available on your bank check book. You can use the same details each time or change it when you need.

Q. After I transfer money into my bank account, how soon will I receive the money into my bank account?

A. Instantly! The same time you receive a receipt, we would have completed the transfer into the bank account provided. You can check with your bank and if for any reason credit is not reflected in your bank for more than 4 hours after you receive the receipt, please contact us with transaction reference number, so we can help you out.

Q. I didn’t receive credit into my bank account and also don’t see the balance in my account?

A. Kindly note that we send you a receipt of the transaction only after money has been debited to us after sending to your bank account. It sometimes happens the money gets stuck at receiver’s bank also for various reasons. Regardless, you don’t have to worry. Just contact us along with your Mobile number and transaction ID of the same. We will ensure your money is either credited to your bank account or to your HotRemit account.

5. Security

Q. How can I secure is HotRemit?

A. HotRemit is operated in a PCI-DSS certified environment. Learn more about

Q. How Secure is my personal information in HotRemit?

A. We take your privacy very seriously. We have a simplified privacy policy which basically means we will take utmost care in storing, transmitting the same. More importantly we will not share your personal data with anybody or organization or associate unless we are required to do so to comply with Laws in India. There is no fine print to this privacy promise of ours.

Q. What security certifications does your organization have?

A. PCI- DSS level 1, DISA

Q. What other measures of security do you undertake?

A. We FIPS 140-2 certified Hardware security Modules to additional security both in rest and in transmission. This is in addition to using SSL Version 3 for all transmissions.