Digitsecure India Private Limited

Customer Service Policy

Our goal is to provide you, our customer, with a quality experience, meeting or exceeding your expectations, each and every time you use our service. We want your experience with us to be so pleasant that you recommend our service to your friends, family and others.”

We view the opportunity to serve you as a privilege. We operate in a competitive environment and understand that you have options. We at HOTREMIT appreciate comment from a customer whether you happy, have a suggestion or for some reason we have caused any inconvenience. The quality of your experience is proportional to the quality of our efforts. As such, we view our relationship with you as a shared experience.

Should we be deficient in our services in any way and/or you have a grievance on any nature with our services , we provide the following options to reach us to air your grievance.

Email : help@hotremit.com

Online and on Mobile Browser: http://help.hotremit.com

Call Toll Free at : 1800 425 7311 ( between 7 AM and 11 PM )

Nodal Officer (Level - 1)

Prasanna Kumar Vemula

Mobile : 9346007575

Email : nodalofficer@digitsecure.com

Nodal Officer (Level - 2)

Praveen Goud

Mobile : 8008007575

Email : gpgoud@digitsecure.com

Nodal Officer (Level - 3)

Sridhar Pashya

Mobile : 9393333397

Email : sridhar@digitsecure.com

Escalation Matrix

We assure you that every comment and complaint is taken with utmost seriousness it deserves. We also assure you that

  • We will acknowledge to all grievances within 4 hours
  • We assure you to respond to all grievances within 48 hrs most times but no later than 4 working days.
  • All customer service queries are tracked diligently by senior management and if a issue is not resolved within 4 working days, the issue is automatically be reviewed by a senior employee. You can also contact the senior management involved in customer service at help@hotremit.com with your ticket number and subject “first escalation”
  • If you are not happy with the response of the senior management also and your issue is not resolved to your satisfaction as per the terms and conditions of our service, you can write directly to help@hotremit.com with your ticket number and subject “second escalation”

If your experience with us has not met your expectations, then please let us know. While we work hard to ensure that you are happy, we may occasionally fall short. If we do, then we ask that you let us know about it, and give us an opportunity to make it right. We hope you find this to be a fair approach.

We’re glad you chose Hotremit and we look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.

Thanks for being our customer!